Zhang Research Group

Laboratory of unusual materials/structures and advanced manufacturing

  • Assembly of micro/nanomaterials into complex, three-dimensional architectures by compressive buckling

Recent News

Sep, 2019
Our focusing review on micro/nanoscale 3D Assembly was selected as an inside front cover feature article of Advanced Materials.
Sep, 2019
Our paper on mechanical metamaterials with unusual modes of thermal expansion was accepted by Advanced Materials.

Zhang Research Group

We are interested in developing new mechanics theories and computational models of advanced materials and structures, devising novel mechanics-guided designs of hard/soft integrated systems with unprecedented properties, and exploring their versatile capabilities and functions in technologies, in particular on mechanically-guided 3D assembly, wearable and biointegrated electronics, and energy storage system.

Featured Publications in Recent Five years

  • Xu S, Yan Z, Jang KI, Huang W, Fu HR, Kim JH, Wei ZJ, Flavin M, McCracken J, Wang RH, Badea A, Liu Y, Xiao DQ, Zhou GY, Lee JW, Chung HU, Cheng HY, Ren W, Banks A, Li XL, Paik U, Nuzzo RG, Huang YG*, Zhang YH*, Rogers JA*. Assembly of micro/nanomaterials into complex, three-dimensional architectures by compressive buckling. Science, 2015, 347: 154-159
  • Fu H, Nan K, Bai W, Huang W, Bai K, Lu L, Zhou C, Liu YP, Liu F, Wang J, Han M, Yan Z, Luan H, Zhang YJ, Zhang YT, Zhao J, Cheng X, Li M, Lee JW, Liu Y, Fang D, Li X, Huang YG*, Zhang YH*, Rogers JA*. Morphable 3D Mesostructures and Microelectronic Devices by Multistable Buckling Mechanics. Nature Materials, 2018, 17: 268-276
  • Zhang YH*, Zhang F, Yan Z, Ma Q, Li XL, Huang YG, Rogers JA*. Printing, Folding and assembly methods for forming 3D mesostructures in advanced materials. Nature Reviews Materials, 2017, 2: 17019
  • Han M, Wang H, Yang Y, Liang C, Bai W, Yan Z, Li H, Xue Y, Wang X, Akar B, Zhao H, Luan H, Lim J, Kandela I, Ameer GA, Zhang YH*, Huang Y*, Rogers JA*. Three-dimensional piezoelectric polymer microsystems for vibrational energy harvesting, robotic prosthetic interfaces, and biomedical implants. Nature Electronics. 2019, 2: 26-35
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  • Zhang YH, Yan Z, Nan KW, Xiao DQ, Liu YH, Luan HW, Fu HR, Wang XZ, Yang QL, Wang JC, Ren W, Si HZ, Liu F, Yang LH, Li HJ, Wang JT, Guo XL, Luo HY, Wang L, Huang YG*, Rogers JA*. A mechanically driven form of Kirigami as a route to 3D mesostructures in micro/nanomembranes. PNAS, 2015, 112: 11757–11764
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  • Xue Z, Song H, Rogers JA*, Zhang YH*, Huang Y*. Mechanically-guided structural designs in stretchable inorganic electronics. Advanced Materials, 2019, In Press
  • Ni X, Guo X, Li J, Huang Y, Zhang YH*, Rogers JA*. Two-Dimensional Mechanical Metamaterials with Widely-Tunable Unusual Modes of Thermal Expansion. Advanced Materials, 2019, Accepted
  • Ling Y, Zhang X, Xu Z, Xie Y, Zhu X, Xu Y, Sun B, Lin J*, Zhang Y*, Yan Z*. Mechanically-Assembled, Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Structures of Cellular Graphene with Programmed Geometries and Outstanding Electromechanical Properties. ACS Nano. 2018, 12: 12456-12463
  • Zhang YH*, Huang YG, Rogers JA. Mechanics of Stretchable Batteries and Supercapacitors. Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 2015, 19: 190-199

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Yihui Zhang

Associate Professor of Engineering Mechanics
Rm N629, Mong Man-wei Sci & Technol Bldg
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Tsinghua University
Beijing 100084, China

Email: yihuizhang@tsinghua.edu.cn

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